Vision Statement Of Society

John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist, the Patron of the Sisters of St. John, was a disciple of Jesus Christ. He was the forerunner- Agragami – of Jesus Christ. Society of the Sisters of St. John was founded in 1919. It started its presence in India in 1972. The society responds to the needs of the time and is engaged in various activities such as education both formal and informal, rehabilitation of the disabled and destitute, health care, empowerment of women, spiritual & pastoral care etc.

The Emblem

Agragami – The forerunner – is St. John the Baptist, a prophet who prepared the way for Jesus Christ..

The initials of ‘J’ and ‘B’ joined and crowned by the cross forms the main part of the Emblem. The waves suggest the waters of river Jordan where St. John the Baptist baptized thousands of people.
The Holy Bible shows John as the man of Integrity, the fearless ascetic, the humble and selfless forerunner of Christ.
The burning torch in the emblem is a symbol of His zealous life. The zeal for God’s kingdom fills him with fire.
John stood for truth and JusTIce and risked his head and his future. He remains as burning torch for us and for the people of all times.

(For School)

The society of Sisters of St. John which constitute a religious society in the Catholic Church was founded by a German priest by name Fr. John Mary Haw (1871-1949)
His intense love and zeal to spread the kingdom of God, inspired him to work for the liberation of the downtrodden.
Therefore, we take up the challenge of educating the children and youth with love and compassion of Jesus Christ, the supreme Guru.
We recognize the unique personality and development of each one.
We try to bring out the best in every student through a sound physical, emotional, intellectual, moral, social, cultural and spiritual formation.
Our School has its own motto to give it a special identity: