Tentative Year Plan

Tentative Year Plan 2018-2019

Sr. No.DateEvents
127/04/2018 To 05/05/2018Periodic Test – I Class VI to X
224/04/2018 To 28/04/2018Periodic Test – I Class I to V
3June 27, 2018Cabinet Election
4August 15, 2018Independence Day Celebration
5August 25, 2018Raksha Bandhan Celebration and family Talent day class – VI
6September 5, 2018Teachers Day
7September 22, 2018Family Talent Day Class - 7
824/09/2018 To 29-09/2018Half Yearly Exam ( Class I To IX)
910/09/2018 To 15/09/2018Half Yearly Exam ( Class X)
10October 6, 2018Traditional Dress Day
11October 13, 2018Family Talent Day Class VIII
12October 15, 2018Principal Day
13October 17, 2018Rangoli Competition (Class V to X)
14October 20, 2018Family Talent Day Class IX
15October 24, 2018Solo Singing Competition Classes V to X
16October 27, 2018Family Talent Day Class X
17August 14, 2018Children’s Day
18November 24, 2018Kids Festival
19November 26, 2018Constitution Day
20December 1, 2018White Day I To X
21December 8, 2018Family Talent Day Class II
22December 15, 2018Family Talent Day Class I
23December 22, 2018Christmas Celebration
253/12/2018 To 12/12/2018Periodic Test III ( Class I TO IX)
2617/12/2018 To 21/12/2018Periodic Test III ( Class X )
27January 5, 2019Annual Sports Meet
28January 12, 2019Science exhibition National youth day
29January 26, 2019Republic Day
30January 27, 2019Staff Family Day
3128-1-2019 To 2/2/2018Periodic Test – IV
32February 16, 2019Farewell Class X
332/2/2019 To 13/2/2019Pre Board Examination Class IX and X
34March 16, 2019Result