Student Showcase


• I shall bring my student’s manual daily to school.
• I shall live the motto of the school: ‘Live for Justice and Truth’.
• I shall work hard and study my lessons regularly without putting off the day’s work for the next day.
• I shall be punctual to school.
•I shall be neatly dressed.
• I shall conduct myself with due respect to the school authorities and staff, greet them and obey their orders.
• I shall never use bad language but always speak politely.
• I shall practice tolerance and brotherliness.
• I shall not leave the class without the teacher’s permission and the school without the Principal’s permission.
• I shall always be truthful and never give or take dishonest help.
• I shall look after my belongings.
• I shall actively participate in all school activities.
• I shall strive to be a worthy citizen of my country.