School Prayer


Our father in heaven / Holy be your name / your Kingdom come / Your will be done on earth / as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread / and forgive us our sins / as we forgive / those who sin against us / do not bring us to the test / but deliver us from evil – Amen.

Prayer before Class :

Almighty God/ I thank you/ for this new day. Thank you/ for giving me /good parents/ teachers and friends. Bless me /as I begin to study. Fill me with your grace /to study my lessons. Transform me Lord/ into responsible and hardworking student. Help me/ to be attentive and obedient. Amen

Prayer after Class :

O God, /I thank you/ for this fruitful day. Thank you /for all that I could learn today. Enable my memory/ to retain what I have studied. Be with me on my way home. Amen.

Prayer before Examination :

Dear God/ bless us on this day of examination. Strengthen our memory. Keep us healthy in mind and body. May this examination be a joyful experience for us. Amen

Prayer before Meals :

Almighty god, we thank you for this food. Bless those people who work in the field. Bless those who have prepare this food May this food be the source of our strength. Amen.