Message from Principal

Sr. Vidya PhotoIndia dreams & strives to become the world leader by the year 2020. For the actualization of the same, it is necessary that we have efficient leaders among our citizens. Education is the best weapon to transform this dream into reality. It is rightly said winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. It is this spirit that makes Agragami School a leading educational institution in the town today.

Dear Staff, you need to play various roles, a mentor, a guide, a philosopher, a path maker, most of all a creator of the future generation. Be imaginative, sensitive and creative to give proper stimulating and nurturing of the traits which help to develop humanitarian values especially love for TRUTH and JUSTICE, among students.

Dear Parents, assist your children in nourishing and utilizing their creative abilities to the maximum degree by supporting them to set realistic goals and to achieve them.

My dear students, to be successful in the real world, you need to move forward with a positive attitude, an attitude that affords all of the wonderful things that you may desire. In the camera of your mind, Lord the roll of your good thoughts, press the button of your success.

May each of you continue to be an AGRAGAMI – a leader- harbinger of positive changes in the Society.

Sr. Vidya Joseph SJB